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Wenzhou High-tech Zone Road No. 157

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Wenzhou Wenzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Ouhai Chi Feng Machinery Factory) is a professional manufacturer of screw machine. Founded in ninety years, Zhejiang province is located in the Wenzhou District of Ouhai City, High-tech Zone Road No. 157, the traffic is convenient. The main production of the CF-10B-13B-17B-19B-24B

three die three red, four die four red, five die five blow cold forging machine and non-standard high speed, etc

Five die five blow high speed cold heading machine

Four die four blow high speed cold heading machine

Three die three blow high speed cold heading machine

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In recent years, our country custom equipment industry development is very rapid, mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta region, producing areas and suburbs of large and
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King May 21 hearing Xinya process 002388 Wednesday morning in panorama network interactive platform to respond to questions from investors said, company's automatic locking screw machine there is no
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No matter in any industry; innovation is always the fundamental source and key competitive power of enterprise development, enterprise if stay in the achievements of the past, product technology and m
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"2015-2020 China screw machine industry forecast and Investment Strategy Research Report" the report mainly analyzes the screw machine's market size, screw machine products supply demand situation, s