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Talent idea

About Us

Talent idea

Make every attempt, "only" open road
Recruitment and selection is the bottleneck of restricting the efficiency of human resource management in enterprises. How to operate the business objectives and business requirements, under the guidance of human resources planning, the outstanding talent, the need for human in the right place at the right time, is one of the keys to the success of the enterprise.
1, open recruitment, merit based recruitment
In the recruitment process, the human resources department has always insisted on the principle of open recruitment, equal competition, and after the first. Human resources department comprehensive analysis of the company's development, the internal flow of employees (loss), competitors and other factors, the human resources demand forecast for the comprehensive assessment of the company's annual human resources demand plan.
The recruitment channels are mainly internal competition, internal selection, staff recommended, media recruitment, introduction, talent recruitment, campus recruitment, recruitment network, headhunting recruitment etc. form. Recruitment to four: Department Human Resources written clearance (hands-on), interview shut, shut with the professional sector, the leadership of the company's audit, to ensure that every employees entering the thick Qing is the most suitable for the development of enterprises talent.
2, internal selection, fair competition
In order to fully explore the internal personnel, in line with the principles of fair and open competition, vacancies in the first in the internal system of the company and the company publicity column published competition announcement, but also by various other means to mobilize. Secondly, the reply will be held for speech, etc.. After the competition ended, group evaluation according to the interview assessment indicators and related records, combined with competition for staff usually work performance assessment scoring, statistics of comprehensive ranking after determining the positions of the candidates, the company reported that the leadership of the decision. Finally, by the human resources department of the whole competition activities are summed up, and constantly improve the competition scheme.
3, orientation training, reserve personnel With the continuous development of the company, the talent reserve is becoming increasingly important. 06 years, the company launched the reserve personnel, technical backbone of the selection and training activities, personnel use survey, with the center general manager, department heads, staff interviews, to understand their development potential, work ability, dedication and other content, and pointed out its shortage, and designated special
person to carry out counseling training.

Training methods are: management grades will be in accordance with the different levels of training, job rotation, trainee exercise, and continuously improve the quality of their business and leadership; professional grade, the company will provide professional training and the opportunity to pursue further study.